One way transfer kisbusz(6 utas számára)  személygépkocsi(4 utas számára) 
 Transfer from Debrecen airport Apartment  60 euro (10 euro/fő)   48 euro (12 euro/fő)
 Transfer from Budapest airport Apartment  180 euro (30 euro/fő)  140 euro (35 euro/fő)
 Transfer from Mukachevo Railway Station Apartment  90 euro (15 euro/fő)   68 euro (17 euro/fő)
  Uzghorod Apartment  9 euro/fő  
 Transfer from Apartment Julia SPA  9 euro (1.5 euro/fő)  5 euro (1.2 euro/fő)
 Transfer from Apartment Aquarius SPA, Bathing House, Lake SPA  10 euro (1.6 euro/fő)  6 euro (1.5 euro/fő)
 Transfer from Apartment to any point in the city  12 euro (2 euro/fő)  12 euro (3 euro/fő)
    Line ticket on city bus 1.3 euro


  • Our guests arriving from Moscow and Kiev will be provided by WizzAir Airport, return ticket price 100 Euro


  • The Csekő café and fast food restaurant (Hungarian cuisine) – 3 minute walk from the apartment, a great portion, fine and not expensive.

The menu contains first and second dishes and the menu changes every day.

The price of a complex lunch is 4.5 euro – website (





  • The apartment 5 minutes’ walk from the town center.

  • We organize weekend tours:

  • Tour to Nyiregyhaza Zoo and Oceanarium,which is one of Europe’s Best Zoo.
  • Tour to the capital city of Budapest.
  • Tour to the cave bath complexes in Miskolc.
  • Tour to Tokaj, visit to the famous Tokaj wine cellars tasting.
  • Tour to the Agtelek Cave
  • Shopping at the M3 Outlet in Polgár